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Ballyfermot Heat Recovery Ventilation

Why should you install a heat recovery ventilation system into your  home in Ballyfermot?

If you insulate your building to high standards, install good quality double glazing and low heat loss glass, make the building airtight and do everything possible to help reduce the cost of heating your home; don’t you think it’s crazy to drill 2 x 6″ holes in the wall of each room in order to provide ventilation? Depending on the wind direction, you may be losing excessive heat or not ventilating your home at all. By installing heat recovery ventilation systems into your home in Ballyfermot, you can block up those 6″ holes and lets fans gently and constantly ventilate the house, while extracting any usefully heat from the exhaust air from kitchens and bathrooms.

Where most people notice the benefits of the heat recovery ventilation system is after a shower is taken as our unit will automatically boost the extract airflow to help clear the bathroom faster. Also, its great for removing odours after cooking or after there has been high occupancy in the house or people have been smoking. In the mornings some bedrooms can smell stale and you need to open the window to ventilate the room. With the Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system installed in your home in Ballyfermot, your bedrooms are fresh in the morning and the house doesn’t smell after you have a party because when you were sleeping, the system has been working hard to remove all the stale smells and replace the air with fresh, filtered and heated outdoor air.

Fresh filtered air is drawn into living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms, providing continuous ventilation even when the house is sealed up for the day. By keeping humidity levels low and introducing warmed fresh filtered air to replace contaminated air, the quality of the internal environment is significantly improved. You can actually feel the freshness in the air within the house.

Continuous whole house ventilation can help reduce relative humidity to below 70% RH, which inhibits the ideal living and breeding conditions of the house dust mite.

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